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The mission of The Advanced Aesthetics Institute is to provide a quality education to students and professionals in all of our programs and training in the medical and aesthetic field. Our institute provides students with skills, knowledge, practical work and experience to prepare them for entry-level employment in their chosen field. We work to develop exemplary professionals that strive for the best quality of life for the community through service in medical care and aesthetic practice.

Electrolysis/Laser & Light Based Hair Removal Program

A Career in Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a profession dedicated to helping people feel confident in their skin. Those with the desire to have hair permanently removed from their body will specifically seek out an electrologist to do so. Our courses will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively meet the needs of patients who suffer with excess hair. The smiles and gratitude of your patients will personally reward you and make you proud of your accomplishments and career choice!




The State of Florida requires Electrologists to be licensed to work as a Laser Hair Removal Technician. In our Electrology combined with Laser Hair Removal Course, you will learn about electromagnetic spectrum and the property of light, details characteristic of laser light, laser concept, laser physics and laser action.

Moreover this course includes types of hazards, laser safety standards, hazard classification, laser class, and general recommendation in laser hair removal.

Electrolysis is the unique permanent hair removal method. After 200 practice hours students acquire the skill to apply the treatment on client. The State of Florida requires “no person may practice Electrology or hold herself or himself out as an electrologist in this state unless the person has been issued a license.”

This course also includes a preparation examination chapter where we prepare students for the electrolysis board examination with satisfactory results.

The combination of the theoretical classes with the hours of practice, turns the students into an excellent professional prepared both for the state exam and for their professional practice.

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Our Electrolysis/Laser & Light Based Hair Removal Program Curriculum

  • Introduction to electrolysis techniques.
  • Principles of electricity, epilator functions, and adjustments.
  • Laser and light-based hair removal physics.
  • Laser safety and precautions.
  • Integumentary System (skin and appendages).
  • Circulatory (blood and lymph) and Nervous System.
  • Endocrine System, including related diseases.
  • Biology of hair growth.
  • Skin assessment, including skin typing, effects of all modalities,
    temporary removal.
  • Study of blood-borne pathogens with emphasis on hepatitis (all types), and
  • Microbiology of the skin (flora and fauna), sanitation and safety procedures.
  • Clinic and office management, communications, professional ethics,
    bookkeeping, and patient management.
  • Study of Title 64B8, F.A.C. as it relates to electrolysis, Chapter 478, F.S. 5
    and Chapter 456, Part II, F.S. EL333 Consultations including medical history, contraindications, complications.

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The Institute of Laser Training Inc./Advanced Aesthetics Institute was established in 2022. We are an informal school located in Lee County and are dedicated to giving our students personalized training. The school was established to teach all methods of permanent hair removal through all modalities of electrolysis, permanent hair reduction, through laser and light based technology.

Our Institute

Our institute is located at 20400 Trailside Dr. Estero FL 33928. We are just west of U.S. 41, located near shopping, restaurants, and a short drive to the beach.

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